Grub Control!

Grub Control

If your lawn looks damaged, wilted, and water-starved, then an insect may be causing the problem. Grubs are one of the most common and most damaging lawn pests. Grubs lay their eggs into the soil of lawns and while developing they will feed on the roots. The most common across the U.S. is the Japanese beetle. Grubs feed on the roots of the grass, causing the grass to wilt, brown and die. Patches of dead grass can be a sign of grub feeding.

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To determine if grubs are present, peel back the area that is damaged and inspect for grubs. Because the grubs have been feeding on and destroying the roots of the grass, the patch will easily pull away from the soil below if it is grub-damaged. The grubs are most likely to be found on the edges of the dead patch as they continue to feed on the roots of still living grass. Animals often feed on the grubs, thus the sighting of crows, skunks, raccoons or other critters digging into the lawn, particularly at night, can be an indication that grubs are infesting the lawn. If you have signs of grubs in your lawn the best way to control them is to apply a pesticide labeled for grubs. This type of control can kill the grubs to prevent their growth and breeding. Call us at (952)-210-6057 to see how we can help you eliminate your grub problem or request a free quote.


By Lukas Oxborough