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Mosquito Barrier SprayMosquito Barrier Spray Program

We recommend going with our barrier spray program. This mosquito control program works by eliminating adult mosquitoes on contact. We will spray the underside of vegetation and the perimeter of your property with a time-released formula that is effective for up to 4 weeks.

All Natural Barrier Spray

As an alternative to our longer-lasting synthetic program, Turf X offers an all natural mosquito control solution. We will spray your property just like our Synthetic treatment. Our all natural solution repels mosquitoes immediately, but has less adhesive properties than our synthetic product. Due to this, our all natural treatment will act as a repellent to deter new mosquitoes for a short amount of time in return requires us to come out and spray every 14 days to ensure a bite free yard.


The price varies with the size of the property and the amount of vegetation being sprayed. The season runs from (weather depending) May to the end of August. A full season would consist of 4 treatments. However, we offer a custom package for new customers that start with us throughout the year.


We come out and spray every four weeks to keep the mosquitoes away throughout the spring and summer. The product we use has an amazing residual effect that keeps the mosquitoes away for weeks!

A normal amount of rain will not affect the product; it is designed to withstand rainfall. It will however gradually dissipate over time. We do not guarantee the product will last through high amounts of rain. The product usually dries in 30 minutes of being applied, if it starts raining within that time frame we will be back out to re-apply at no cost to you.
Our barrier spray application uses a synthetic form of Pyrethrins called pyrethroids. Pyrethrins are the natural byproduct of the Chrysanthemum flower. Synthetic pyrethroids have a similar chemical structure as the Pyrethrins, and are used in commercial products such as store bought insecticides and pet shampoo products. This product dries on the vegetation that has been sprayed in about 30 minutes of being applied. Once the product has dried your yard can be enjoyed by children and pets.

Also we will notify you 24 hours prior to our arrival

For complete control all season long, we recommend you start in the spring, prior to the first hatch of mosquito’s (beginning of May) Not only will this kill the mosquito’s when they start to hatch, it will also reduce the amount of eggs being laid in your yard.
Mosquitoes can be considered the deadliest creatures on earth they carry diseases like mosquito-borne malaria, West Nile virus, dengue, and encephalitis. They also can infect dogs and horses.

Don’t allow mosquitoes to prevent you from being outside in the summer. Use mosquito barrier spray as a mosquito repellent for your yard and take back your outdoor summer activities. Our mosquito control services are proven highly effective when applied every 4 weeks, and help protect your family and pets from dangerous diseases.

One Time Application

Are you hosting a wedding, graduation party, or another special event this summer? We can help prevent annoying mosquitoes and bugs from ruining your big day by offering a one-time application. Please keep in mind that our schedule fills up quickly (especially around the holidays) and it’s best to call us as soon as possible. Our one-time application depends on the amount of vegetation and the size of your yard, an on-site estimate will be necessary for any one-time application. We cannot fully eradicate your occasion of mosquitoes, we can, however, reduce the amount of mosquitoes in and entering your property in turn your guest will remember the party and not the mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes can be tough to eliminate by do-it-yourself methods, and they can completely ruin your outdoor activities. Our mosquito barrier spray is a popular and successful mosquito control program that we highly recommend for keeping the mosquitoes away. If you’re sick of mosquitoes preventing you from enjoying the outdoors, try our program today and make your yard a no fly zone!

  • Effective 
  • Weather resistant
  • Applied by professionals
  • Safe
  • Hassle-free

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What People Say About Us

Turf X did our lawn this past season and kept it looking great! We also used the mosquito barrier spray services and had no issues with any  mosquitoes all summer long! Highly recommend if you are looking for affordable and excellent lawn care!

Amanda P.

January 2019

I highly recommend using Turf X if you want the greenest grass in the neighborhood! Luke is very knowledgeable in the fertilizer world and is a top notch guy! Also don’t forget to ask him about spraying to keep those pesky mosquitoes away in the summer time!!

Dylan P.

December 2018

I am very pleased with the service I have received from TURF X. I have had them fertilize, overseed, spray for mosquitoes and am very pleased with their work. Anytime I have not been totally satisfied they return and do another application for no charge. I can certainly see the results. 

Simon S.

November 2018

They’ve done some weed control for me before and I’ve never been disappointed. I used to try and do it myself but I would always either kill the grass or not actually kill the weeds, they changed that! Good local business for lawn care services.

Brett B.

February 2019

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