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Grub and Lawn Disease ControlGrub & Lawn Disease Control

If a disease is present in your lawn we will assess the damaged area and notify the customer. Fungicides are not always the answer to curing a lawn disease. It could be a number of things such as mowing height, watering practice, or humidity to name a few. If a fungicide is needed to aid in the recovery of your lawn, we can offer this at and additional charge.


Grubs and lawn diseases can have a serious impact on the health of your lawn in both the long term and the short term. Not only do they have long term effects, but they also look terrible. Luckily, our lawn disease control services can help restore the beauty of your lawn. Whether you’re dealing with grubs, Japanese beetles, brown patch, red thread, rust, snow mold, necrotic ring spot or something you didn’t know could grow in a lawn, we can handle it. 

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Lawn Disease Control

Lawn diseases are fairly common, and can ruin the look of your lawn. When a lawn disease takes effect, it’s best to turn to experts to help. 

If a disease is present in your lawn we’ll identify it and let you know what options their are for curing it. If an extensive treatment is needed, we’ll provide you with a quote.

Types of Lawn Disease

We are experienced at treating a wide variety of lawn diseases, including the following:

Brown Patch

Brown patch is a common lawn disease that is often found during hot and humid periods of weather. It results in irregular colors in the grass that appear dried out.

Rust Diseases

Rust disease is usually found in early fall, and is especially common in shaded patches of grass. It results in orange patches and spores on the grass leaving your shoes rust colored.

Snow Mold

Snow mold is a common lawn disease that you’ll find after the snow has melted. It results in greyish pink circles throughout your lawn.

Necrotic Ring Spot

Necrotic ring spot is a common disease of turf caused by soil-borne fungi. Symptoms of the disease are quite noticeable since they appear as yellow ring-shaped patches of dead turf. To manage this disease it requires multiple applications. 



Grub Control

 Grubs attack the roots of the grass. Grubs can cause long term damage.

A possible indication of grubs in your lawn is birds gathering to feed on the grubs. Another indication is areas you can physically pull up dead patches of lawn, sometimes you can still see the grubs.


Getting Rid of Grubs

Our Grub Control program is the best way to fight grub infestations. The best time to apply insecticide for grubs is mid to late June, this will help prevent or kill any grubs in the lawn. Our grub control is an effective way to reduce or eliminate grub infestations. If the grubs were undetected and a lot of damage has already been done, we can help restore your lawn and offer advice for best practices in the future to avoid grubs coming back. 

Lawn Disease Control / Grub Control

Keep your lawn healthy and free of disease and grubs with our services. Our experts will always treat your lawn like our own, and allow you to get back to enjoying your landscape.

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Disease Control and other Lawn Care Services

Weed Control & Fertilization

Keep your grass healthy and free of weeds. 

Disease & Grub Control

Keep a healthy lawn that looks great. 

Tick Control

Keep your yard free of ticks all year long. 


Grow the perfect lawn with fresh seeding. 

One-time Mosquito Control

Remove mosquitoes and be able to enjoy the outdoors.


Restore the vibrancy of your lawn with proper aeration. 

What People Say About Us

Turf X did our lawn this past season and kept it looking great! We also used the mosquito barrier spray services and had no issues with any  mosquitoes all summer long! Highly recommend if you are looking for affordable and excellent lawn care!

Amanda P.


I highly recommend using Turf X if you want the greenest grass in the neighborhood! Luke is very knowledgeable in the fertilizer world and is a top notch guy! Also don’t forget to ask him about spraying to keep those pesky mosquitoes away in the summer time!!

Dylan P.


Turf X is amazing! Their customer service is great and their prices are reasonable and give you the yard you are looking for. They are very flexible and get your yard done in a timely manner! I would highly recommend them to all my family and friends!!

Dustin P.


They’ve done some weed control for me before and I’ve never been disappointed. I used to try and do it myself but I would always either kill the grass or not actually kill the weeds, they changed that! Good local business for lawn care services.

Brett B.


In Need of Lawn Disease Control?

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