Mosquito Barrier Spray! Pre-Pay and Save!

The days of melting snow and birds chirping in the morning are right around the corner. And so are the mosquitoes and ticks. As the temps beginning to rise, mosquito and tick activity will increase. These pesky insects become active when temperatures are consistently in the 50’s. This year you can be prepared by getting in touch with us today!

Summers are short in Minnesota, we don’t have much time to enjoy the warm weather. We can change this today. We are here to tell you the benefits of pre-paying for our mosquito and tick barrier spray!

The benefits of pre-paying!

  • Reap the benefits of an itch-free yard all summer long.
  • Save 10% on our mosquito and tick control and make your yard a no-fly zone!
  • Ensure your kids and pets are safe to be outside without the extra worry of buying bug spray!

Please take advantage of these savings and request a quote! or call (952) 210-6057

What comes with our Barrier Spray Package?

Our barrier spray program protects your family from mosquitoes and ticks for 30 days after we make an application. We use the latest equipment designed for precise applications to shrubs, trees, tall grass, and wooded areas. We are licensed by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture to ensure you are hiring a professional.

Our products work by bonding to the foliage with microencapsulated technology making it rain safe in 30 minutes after being applied to allow us to keep the cost down by coming out 4 times a season.

If you like all-natural treatments we also offer an organic program. The downside to organic repellents is we have to spray on a 15-day cycle to keep those ticks and mosquitoes away.

If you have any questions about the pre-pay program, just give us a call and we would be more then happy to get you on the schedule. 





By Lukas Oxborough

February 13, 2020